Dignity & Prestige farmers by Agritourism

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Agri tourism works as a supplementary income generating activity to agriculture. The main motive behind agri tourism is to provide some additional income to the farmers who cannot afford to survive solely on agriculture. Farmers produce vegetables and grains through agriculture. As a provider of food, every farmer feels that he or she deserves respect and minimum income through agriculture to lead a life with dignity. But this is not the case with every farmer. Hence, after realizing the significance of agri tourism as a supplementary income generating activity to traditional agriculture, the farmers in Maharashtra are getting attracted towards this innovative way of earning additional money. Many farmers in Konkan and Western Maharashtra have rose to fame through agro tourism.

Urban tourists experience farming culture at Anjanvel agro tourism.

Agri tourism can provide income as well as dignity to farmers. In the old days farmers earned a handsome amount and they were treated with utmost respect. Later due to several reasons farmers started facing crisis. Farmers had to go door-to-door selling vegetables. Whatever meager income they generated through this was just not enough to meet their needs. They were not able to cope with the changes that took place in the markets due to globalization. Now due to agriculture  tourism farmers are selling organically grown vegetables in the farms itself as tourists visiting the farms are buying the produce during their visit. Through agri tourism many farmers have gained income and dignity and others farmers can also benefit from this innovative concept. Agri tourism enables farmers to earn income in hard cash which ultimately helps to build their dignity. With improving their relations in rural and urban region, it is helping to build a sense of affection towards villages and farmers. Tourists visiting the farms are showing great respect for farmers.

Suresh Marathe, Director, Tikona Picnic Agri-Tourism Center, welcoming foreign tourists in a traditional manner in agri tourism center.

Agri tourism provides farmers with a better way of livelihood. It is changing the perspective of tourists towards rural region and farming. The economic support which a farmer gets when a few tourists visit, eat and stay on their farms is indeed valuable for them. Peace, the serene natural environment and great gesture of hospitality by farmers make tourist visit the farms again and again. From lodging to offering fulfilling meals all the required arrangements are made by the farmers. Tourists visit the farms with their families, relatives and friends while maximum tourist footfall is on Saturday and Sunday. Agri tourism is providing farmers with the income, respect and dignity that they deserve and without any doubt in that Agri tourism will proudly continue to do so.


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