Agro and Rural-Tourism Policy Maharashtra 2020

Agri-Tourism Policy Maharashtra 2020 The Maharashtra State Cabinet has cleared Agri-tourism policy on 6th September 2020. For the last two decades, the government has been keeping after a number of organizations, associations and individuals for an independent policy on agri-tourism. This was followed by the Agri-Tourism Development Organization (ATDC), Maharashtra State Agriculture and Rural Tourism Read more about Agro and Rural-Tourism Policy Maharashtra 2020[…]

Dignity & Prestige farmers by Agritourism

Agri tourism works as a supplementary income generating activity to agriculture. The main motive behind agri tourism is to provide some additional income to the farmers who cannot afford to survive solely on agriculture. Farmers produce vegetables and grains through agriculture. As a provider of food, every farmer feels that he or she deserves respect Read more about Dignity & Prestige farmers by Agritourism[…]

Agri Tourism, a Sustainable Business Opportunity for Farmers to earn extra income and fame/reputation

Agri Tourism is an  supplementary agri business. The main purpose of agribusiness is to promote, facilitate, encourage and support farmers to generate income revenues through agritourism. Every farmer produces farm products through agriculture. They want to live with dignity and earn decent money and reputation from agriculture. However, not every farmer is able to gain Read more about Agri Tourism, a Sustainable Business Opportunity for Farmers to earn extra income and fame/reputation[…]

Employment Generation and Development of Rural Areas Through Agro Tourism

Nowadays youngsters are migrating from villages towards the cities in large numbers. The main reason for this migration is the lack of employment opportunities in Rural areas. In most of the rural areas, there are hardly any businesses or industries which can provide jobs to the people. To be sure, there are many small scale Read more about Employment Generation and Development of Rural Areas Through Agro Tourism[…]

Agro Tourism: Supplementary Business to Farming

Since last fifteen-sixteen years, Agro Tourism is proving to be boon for the farmers in some parts of Maharashtra. Because of the whimsical and unpredictable nature of the climate, farmers are facing severe problems due to dry and wet famines, environmental imbalances, changing sowing cycles etc. India is an agrarian country. Farming is being done Read more about Agro Tourism: Supplementary Business to Farming[…]

Agri tourism in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has been bestowed by the abundance of natures beauty. It rests in the lap of western ghat hills, which are very rich in biodiversity and it has also been gifted with the beautiful coast line of the Konkan region. Maharashtra has it all in the form of natures endowment in its Coastline, Rivers, Forts, Read more about Agri tourism in Maharashtra[…]

Programs Organized on World Agro Tourism Day

Every year Maharashtra State Agri and Rural Tourism Co-Operative Federation Ltd (MART), Agri Tourism Development Corporation(ATDC) and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC) come together to celebrate 16th May as Agri Tourism Day. On this day the farmers who operate Agri Tourism Centres are facilitated with ‘Agri Tourism Honor’ award, while best tourism centre’s in Maharashtra are Read more about Programs Organized on World Agro Tourism Day[…]

History of Agro Tourism

Agro tourism is a relatively new concept and since it is associated with farming sector, it is has more importance in agrarian country like ours. Agro tourism and its concept differs from country to country. It provides a consistent source of income to the farmers. There are many examples of villages, states and country benefiting Read more about History of Agro Tourism[…]

What is Agro Tourism

Understanding how farming is done, how farms are cultivated, how the seeds are sown and which crops are taken during which particular period all of this constitutes agro tourism. People living in cities are only partially aware about all the agricultural and allied activities which are undertaken in villages. But observing all of this beforehand, Read more about What is Agro Tourism[…]