Agro and Rural-Tourism Policy Maharashtra 2020

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Agri-Tourism Policy Maharashtra 2020

The Maharashtra State Cabinet has cleared Agri-tourism policy on 6th September 2020. For the last two decades, the government has been keeping after a number of organizations, associations and individuals for an independent policy on agri-tourism. This was followed by the Agri-Tourism Development Organization (ATDC), Maharashtra State Agriculture and Rural Tourism Cooperative Federation (MART), Junnar Tourism Development Institute, organizations working in other tourism sectors in the state and some individuals pursued agri-tourism policy. Along with these, the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and the Directorate of Tourism are playing a vital role.

Agro Tourism Vishwa has been promoting agri-tourism in the state since 2017. Although the state government has been slow to approve the policy, it will be beneficial for rural economy. The Maharashtra Cabinet has passed the agri-tourism policy in the September 2020 on the eve of monsoon session.

Purpose Of Agri-Tourism Policy:

  • To give tourists the pleasure of farming and the village
  • To promote agribusiness
  • To develop villages through agritourism
  • To provide a rightful platform for agricultural products
  • Ensuring market to agricultural produce
  • Encouraging agro-based businesses
  • To provide environment friendly and prosperous tourism experience
  • To create an alternative source of income for farmers
  • To provide employment opportunities to the women and budding youth of the village
  • To promote folk art and traditions
  • Giving tourists an experience of actual farming
  • To create pollution free tourism for tourists
  • Experiencing the closeness of nature
  • To promote agriculture and rural culture
  • Giving experiential enjoyment of agri-tourism
  • To establish Maharashtra Agriculture and Rural Tourism Committee
  • Utilization of paddy and “gyran” lands in the village
  • To experience the natural environment

Who Can Set Up Agri-Tourism Centers:

  • Individual Farmers
  • Agricultural Co-operative Societies
  • Agricultural Science And Research Centers in the State
  • Agricultural Colleges
  • Agricultural Universities
  • Farmers Partnership Institutions
  • Any company
  • Organic farmer
  • A farmer engaged in any agri-business

Other Benefits Of Agri-Tourism Policy:

  • Application to Regional Deputy Director, Tourism Department (Navi-Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Nashik, Amravati and Ratnagiri)
  • Forms are available at website:
  • Certificate of registration from the Department of Tourism
  • There should be two to five acres of farmland
  • Residential arrangements
  • Facilities for meal and kitchen
  • Initial Cost of Registration Rs. 2500
  • Renewal fee is Rs. 1000 every five years
  • Bank loans available to agricultural practitioners
  • Benefits under power distribution
  • Benefits under the GST

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